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Our Commitment to Transformation

iSSC is a progressive software solutions and leading service provider in Southern Africa, delivering world class consolidated IT solutions for small and large organisations. At iSSC we have always endeavoured to: • display social consciousness in all our decisions; •…

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iSSC’s Powerful IT Solutions

Offering a range of cloud solutions for businesses, iSSC launched in 2011. Since then, we have expanded our presence worldwide. We provide 24-hour support, including on-site and remote, along with our extensive expertise and personalised cloud-based offerings. We are committed…

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How Cloud Solutions Help the Healthcare Sector

How Cloud Solutions Help The Healthcare Sector

With hospitals and other medical facilities under huge pressure right now, cloud solutions have become a cost-effective, agile, scalable alternative to traditional on-premise servers. COVID has had a drastic impact on the healthcare industry, with overflowing intensive care units and…

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What to Know About the POPI Act in South Africa

What To Know About The POPI Act In South Africa

The POPI Act has become a major concern for every business that uses data. Organisations across the country are required to ensure compliance according to the regulations set by this act. With GDPR also regulating data across the world, this…

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3 Reasons to Use Microsoft SharePoint

Favoured by a large number of businesses, from web development agencies to large-scale enterprises, Microsoft SharePoint offers a way to store data, collaborate, manage files, and access data from any device. This cloud-based tool is especially useful in the software…

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3 Reasons to Move to Microsoft Azure

3 Reasons To Move To Microsoft Azure

Thinking about making the move to Microsoft Azure? This tool offers a comprehensive cloud-based solution that allows you to build, manage, test and deploy applications through the cloud, running through data centres managed by Microsoft. Apps can be easily managed…

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