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Integrate & Streamline
Workflow Processes

Best-in-class productivity apps with intelligent cloud services that transform the way you work.

Microsoft 365 is designed for companies of all sizes, from start-up to enterprise. This comprehensive and responsive cloud system will help you to minimise downtime, maximise productivity, simplify remote work, and streamline collaboration, using a full range of Microsoft tools.

The platform allows you to integrate and streamline your workflow process, in a completely secure way. And you’ll get even more from this system by integrating it with your current environment through third-party apps. Access, implement and manage all Microsoft applications and use automation tools to further simplify current processes.

Accessible from desktop, tablet, and mobile, Microsoft 365 allows teams to access data 24-7 from any location on the globe. The result is reduced downtime and a huge boost in productivity.

Let us customise your Microsoft 365 solution:

We will take the hassle-factor out of the equation, letting you get up and running in no time through:

  • Windows 11 deployment
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) integration
  • Intune integration
  • Office integration
  • Safe and secure implementation.
  • Deployment to OneDrive
  • Teams and Teams Voice integration.

iSSC offers a selection of Microsoft 365 solutions designed to meet your requirements

Keeping teams effectively and seamlessly connected

Enable your employees to work smarter and more productively:

  • Microsoft Access is an application used to create databases to store and manage your business data
  • SharePoint is used to build intranet websites to share and management information and collaborate with others within your organisation
  • Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application
  • Microsoft Intune focuses on mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM), letting you control how your organisation’s devices are used, including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.
  • Microsoft OneDrive is a secure cloud-based storage for your business files.
  • Microsoft OneNote is a feature-rich note-taking application.
  • Outlook is Microsoft client email application.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint is your tool to create slides for your presentations.
  • Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing software that enables you to create professional looking materials
  • Microsoft Teams is a feature-rich and secure collaboration and communication application. It supports instant message/chat, audio calls, video conferencing, and collaboration features.
  • Microsoft Word is a word processing software application primarily used for creating documents in different formats
  • Microsoft Teams Voice is Microsoft’s cloud-based phone system add on.
  • Our Cloud Enablement offering helps you to develop and grow your business, by providing the expertise and help you need to navigate business in the cloud.

At ISSC, we are committed to servicing all your business needs across Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Office, all other Microsoft licensing and IT Managed Services. We have the capability to manage your Cloud environment for you with the breadth and depth of skill required at service levels that will bring you peace of mind.

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