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Getting on board with AI

It’s the buzzword on everyone’s lips — Artificial Intelligence (AI) — and now you can access it through Microsoft’s Copilot.

AI can be considered as the helpful assistant, which can help us work or complete tasks more efficiently and strategically. This is especially enticing when we’re inundated with information overload. We might have access to powerful productivity tools, but with all the pressure, we may end up using only a fraction of their capabilities.

AI-powered tools can help you with planning, brainstorming ideas, or moving past a blank page. With the support of AI, you can unlock the full capabilities of Microsoft 365 productivity tools.

Here are some ways in which Microsoft’s AI-powered tools can help you:

  • Create amazing slides in seconds with PowerPoint Designer. As you create the content, Designer will automatically generate design ideas for you to choose from.
  • Use analyse data in Excel, to ask questions about your data without having to write complicated formulas.
  • Up-level your writing with Microsoft Editor, by checking your documents for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Accelerate your learning with Bing Chat by asking for tips or to explain a new concept in simple terms so that you can grasp it quickly.
  • Bing’s Image Creator helps you generate AI images with DALL-E in Microsoft Edge. Give it a text prompt, and the AI will generate a set of images matching your prompt.
  • Need to prepare for a presentation? Speaker Coach in PowerPoint can help you become a better presenter by giving you feedback as you rehearse.

Want to save time and energy? Chat to iSSC about getting on board with Microsoft 365 Copilot.

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