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Comprehensive protection with the Microsoft Defender family

The Microsoft Defender family offers comprehensive threat prevention, detection, and response capabilities for everyone — from individuals looking to protect their family, to the world’s largest enterprises.

  • Windows Security is built-in to Windows and includes an antivirus program called Microsoft Defender Antivirus. (In early versions of Windows 10, Windows Security is called Windows Defender Security Center).
  • If you have another antivirus app installed and turned on, Microsoft Defender Antivirus will turn off automatically. If you uninstall the other app, Microsoft Defender Antivirus will turn back on automatically.

Microsoft 365 Defender is a unified pre- and post-breach enterprise defence suite that natively coordinates detection, prevention, investigation, and response across endpoints, identities, email, and applications to provide integrated protection against sophisticated attacks.

Microsoft 365 Defender services protect:

  • Endpoints with Defender for Endpoint — Defender for Endpoint is a unified endpoint platform for preventative protection, post-breach detection, automated investigation, and response.
  • Assets with Defender Vulnerability Management — Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management delivers continuous asset visibility, intelligent risk-based assessments, and built-in remediation tools to help your security and IT teams prioritise and address critical vulnerabilities and misconfigurations across your organisation.
  • Email and collaboration with Defender for Office 365 — Defender for Office 365 safeguards your organisation against malicious threats posed by email messages, links (URLs) and collaboration tools.
  • Identities with Defender for Identity and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Identity Protection — Microsoft Defender for Identity is a cloud-based security solution that leverages your on-premises Active Directory signals to identify, detect, and investigate advanced threats, compromised identities, and malicious insider actions directed at your organization. Azure AD Identity Protection uses the learnings Microsoft has acquired from their position in organizations with Azure AD, the consumer space with Microsoft Accounts, and in gaming with Xbox to protect your users.
  • Applications with Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps — Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps is a comprehensive cross-SaaS solution bringing deep visibility, strong data controls, and enhanced threat protection to your cloud apps.

Defender Plan 1 is built in to Office 365, and you can upgrade to the more comprehensive Defender Plan 2 for added protection, and then add Defender for 365 to protect your emails.

Chat to the iSSC team today about putting a defence strategy into place with Microsoft Defender.

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