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A Word From iSSC Group’s CEO, Emil Henrico.

My Reflection, as CEO of iSSC Group, as we are heading towards the last quarter of 2022.

As a company, iSSC Group has not only grown by 187% during the last financial year, but we have also overachieved our financial targets by 87.5%. Given the after-effects of Covid and the economical chaos the world currently finds itself in, this is an incredible achievement, and I am extremely proud of my entire company and team.

2022 has been a tough year in many ways and aspects, not just for South-Africa, but for the entire globe. We find ourselves in new ways of work, technology had to leapfrog and adoption thereof, doubled.

We identified that the older generations must now learn to adapt to new and hybrid ways of work, but we did it in our stride and can vouch that 99% of companies and people are now very familiar with the word “Microsoft Teams” and “Virtual Meetings”, better than ever before.

We find ourselves in an amazing place where Microsoft has changed the way partners are recognized, from a Gold and Silver status, to a Solution Partners status. Around the globe, partners are trying their best to be validated, associated and recognized by Microsoft – I believe this is a GREAT way going forward.

Over the years, many ICT organization became Microsoft Gold Partners, only because they had to and not necessarily because they wanted to embrace tech, but to also be the ‘best of the best’. However, the new and improved Microsoft Solutions Partner will showcase who the best of the best is and we are very excited to embrace this, and move forward with them.

However, the downside is a limited talent pool of the right type of thinkers backed with the right knowledge. Given hybrid and remote business models, the collaboration and proper engagement between people no longer exists. The opportunity to engage with a colleague, asking for assistance is now much more challenging and learning has become a real-world problem.

Again, there is also an upside to this. You have the opportunity to GET up and SHOW up, learn, ask for help, and ask to spend time with your colleagues and peers, as well as attend peer meetings and forums. It is clear, that those who want to learn, will give their absolute all to be seen, and those are the doers and believers that will survive this perfect storm we find ourselves in.

Don’t ever give up, there is always hope.

I want to finish with a thank you to my family for always supporting me, as well as our wonderful clients and staff for making all of this happen. Best of luck with the last quarter of 2022 – keep the pressure up and embrace the changes we face.

– Emil Henrico, CEO: iSSC Group –




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