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Cloud Computing in the Era of COVID

Cloud Computing In The Era Of COVID

Long before COVID, cloud computing was rapidly replacing traditional on-premise data storage. Then came a global pandemic that drastically changed the way that businesses operate. Across all industries, the need for agile, secure, flexible systems has grown drastically. From healthcare sectors to private sectors, cloud computing has allowed businesses to not only continue operating, but improve the way that they are operating.

How Cloud Computing is Helping Businesses During the Pandemic

There are a few ways that cloud computing has revolutionised the way that companies operate during the COVID crisis. These include the following:

Reducing pressure for businesses. 

In the healthcare sector especially, the cloud has reduced a lot of pressure by simplifying systems and increasing accessibility. Patient data and other information can be easily stored and managed, without the need for outdated servers. Microsoft 365 cloud solutions offer a wide range of tools that reduce pressure for businesses across all sectors, including Teams, OneDrive and many others. 

Enabling remote work models.

Remote work is not set to go away anytime in the future – even after the effects of COVID begin to ease. Lockdown has enabled businesses to see the many benefits offered by remote workforces. Some businesses have closed up shop to work completely remotely while others have scaled down to key employees, with the majority working remotely. One of the most effective tools for remote work is Microsoft Teams. This tool allows for easy real-time collaboration for project management, along with video conferencing, chat, virtual meeting rooms, channels, and many other features that make remote working easier.

Reducing costs across all sectors.

The lockdown has had a great effect on businesses from a cost point of view. Some have been forced to scale down or change working models. Remote work can greatly reduce costs, as employees are no longer working on-site. The need for data centres is also removed, saving costs further as there is no longer a need to maintain and store servers on-premise. Reduced costs can assist businesses across all sectors. 

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