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How Cloud Solutions Help the Healthcare Sector

How Cloud Solutions Help The Healthcare Sector

With hospitals and other medical facilities under huge pressure right now, cloud solutions have become a cost-effective, agile, scalable alternative to traditional on-premise servers. COVID has had a drastic impact on the healthcare industry, with overflowing intensive care units and overworked staff who need to process hundreds of patients in as short a time as possible. Through trusted cloud solutions from Microsoft, some of the pressure can be eased by simplifying and streamlining the patient intake, billing, records, and various admin involved in the running of a hospital or clinic.

Cloud Solutions and the Healthcare Sector

The biggest benefits offered to healthcare organisations through cloud solutions such as Microsoft 365 include the following: 

Secure data storage.

Hospitals, medical practices and private clinics process highly sensitive patient information. Over and beyond account information, other data includes present health conditions, test results, and other data that requires a high level of security when stored. Cloud storage such as OneDrive enables data to be fully secured, with encryption and other additional security measures. It also provides a great level of accessibility, with patient data easily available from any location and any device. This is particularly useful in the intake process, allowing staff to have instant access to records at entries.

Increased flexibility.

There are a few ways that the cloud can be used. Public cloud options could provide healthcare information to patients through a public resource portal. Private cloud options can be fully protected through access control and permissions, allowing doctors, nurses and specialists to manage patient data or giving patients a secure, private account management area. Hybrid systems can offer a combination of both for even more flexibility.

Reduced overheads.

One of the biggest advantages of the cloud in general is its cost-efficiency. Data centres require a great deal of costs to maintain. In the case of larger centres, the need to manage, update and maintain servers can quickly add to costs. Cloud tools have lower overheads, resulting in an affordable solution that provides all of the benefits of on-premise data storage with additional features that traditional servers lack. 

iSSC is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner with extensive experience in cloud migration. Contact us today to get a quote on our Microsoft cloud solutions and find out how they can help your healthcare facility. 

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