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3 Ways Cloud Solutions Help Your Marketing Team

3 Ways Cloud Solutions Help Your Marketing Team

Cloud solutions offer many benefits to industries and departments. For marketing teams, the cloud offers an invaluable tool that can simplify campaign management throughout all stages of projects. Whether you are running small campaigns or large-scale international campaigns, having tools that make collaboration easier is vital. Having tools that allow for accessibility is also essential. Cloud solutions help to simplify strategies, making for better implement projects.

Cloud Solutions for Marketing Teams

Some of the top benefits that cloud solutions bring to marketing departments include the following:

1. Collaboration

As any marketing manager knows, collaboration can be a nightmare – especially when there are multiple teams involved in projects. In many cases, marketing teams need to work with sales teams. In other cases, multiple projects are run within a single larger campaign. With cloud tools, collaboration makes things simpler. Tools such as Microsoft Teams, for example, improve collaboration through channels, real-time updates, labelling, and various other features that keeps everyone on the same page. This also reduces the need for endless file versions.

2.  Organisation

One of the most frustrating things for marketing campaigns is keeping files and folders organised. In a social media campaign based around a product launch, there may be numerous documents, images and folders for each stage of the campaign. On-premise servers allow files to be organised by they are not accessible to all team members involved in the campaign and changes can be made without permissions. With cloud storage tools such as OneDrive, files and folders are stored remotely, with access control and integration with tools such as Teams and Office.

3.  Productivity

All of this makes for far better levels of productivity. When teams have access to campaign data from any location and any device, there is no loss of continuity and far less chance of delays caused by lost files, documents changed without notice, confusion over which version is the latest and struggles to run meetings when team members are not based in the same location.

Get the most from your marketing campaigns and make the move to the cloud. To help you get started, iSSC offers premium cloud solutions as a trusted, Gold Microsoft Partner.

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