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How to Increase Business Continuity With Cloud Migration

How To Increase Business Continuity With Cloud Migration

One of the many benefits that cloud migration offers to businesses is improved business continuity. In today’s world, businesses are no longer restricted by physical offices. Remote working continues to be a major trend in 2021 and it is expected to continue long after lockdown. Companies across the world are re-thinking the way that they do business. Thanks to the ease of use and wide range of features offered by the cloud, cloud migration has become something that many businesses are considering.

Cloud Migration and Business Continuity

How does cloud migration keep business processes running smoothly, throughout lockdown and other challenges? Here are just a few ways that the cloud can help:

Greater accessibility.

When employees are no longer working on-site, it can be challenging to continue work as usual. Cloud solutions such as Microsoft 365 allow employees to keep working, from any device and any location. Those who prefer to work from home can do so while those working from co-working spaces or other work premises can also keep working without loss of productivity. 

Easier collaboration.

Microsoft Teams is a tool that is widely used at enterprise level. This tool combines a comprehensive project management platform with video conferencing capabilities. Core features include video, calls and chat, along with dedicated channels that can be managed via access control. Integration with other tools such as OneDrive and Office further simplify collaboration, keeping all teams on the same page at all times with real-time updates.

Reduced resources.

Finally, a major advantage of the cloud is its reduced resources. Traditional office spaces are resource-heavy, with many costs that quickly add up, from hardware to various other resources used on a day to day basis. As there is no need for physical servers, costs can be greatly reduced. Added to the fact that remote work decreases the need for physical office space and other costs, this can help your bottom line and avoid the often high costs of traditional on-site work. 

Finding the right cloud services partner is vital to be sure that your migration goes smoothly with minimal interruption. As a certified Gold Microsoft Partner with extensive experience and expertise, iSSC helps make the process as simple and stress-free as possible. Get started with cloud migration today and contact our team for more information.

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