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Best Cloud Tools for Remote Learning

• Best Cloud Tools For Remote Learning

For teachers and educational facilities, cloud tools are ideal for remote learning. Although schools are hesitantly going back at the end of January, there is still a lot of uncertainty about how learning will evolve after lockdown. The rise of remote learning has been rapid and while students will be going back to regular classes, homework and assignments will be done remotely. Cloud tools offer a secure, accessible way for remote learning, with many benefits ranging from accessibility to collaboration. 

Cloud Tools for Remote Teaching

Microsoft 365 offers the best range of cloud tools for remote teaching. Some of the most useful tools include the following:


Microsoft Teams offers a comprehensive tool that combines video conferencing, voice calls, messaging, project management, and file sharing. Access controls and dedicated channels that can be used for specific classes or projects, named chats, and integration with OneDrive make Teams an easy way to collaborate on group projects or manage lessons and assignments.


OneDrive is a file storage solution that allows for easy access and management of files and folders. Rather than storing assignments and various other learner work on physical servers or desktops, documents and files can be stored online. This makes them easy to edit and manage from any device and any location.


Word, Excel and PowerPoint have come a long way, going from desktop versions to cloud-based versions. These tools are essential for assignments as well as virtual classes, allowing teachers to edit quickly in real-time. Students will be able to work online without the risk of multiple versions or accidentally deleted homework. 

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