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Can Remote Working Tools Reduce Stress?

Can Remote Working Tools Reduce Stress?

We know that remote working tools certainly help to improve productivity and simplify the way we work, but can they reduce stress? COVID-19 has drastically changed the way that people work. Before the pandemic, the large majority of employees worked on-premises, with only a few working remotely. In some cases, independent workers and outsourced employees lived the digital nomad lifestyle, working from shared workspaces, coffee shops and other places in various locations around the world. Today, more and more companies are giving employees the opportunity to work from home. Cloud solutions such as Microsoft 365 have made this far simpler, allowing employees to work from any location and any device. Remote working tools can also go a long way in creating a better work environment, too. 

Remote Working Tools for a Better Work Environment

Some of the ways that remote working tools create a calmer, better space to work include:


It is hard enough to collaborate on projects in an office without cloud tools. When employees are based in various locations, collaboration becomes even more stressful. Before Microsoft Office went to the cloud, collaboration involved a lot of documents, tracked changes, comments, and back and forth emails, with each version renamed. Not surprisingly, this approach very quickly caused frustration and confusion. Online versions allow documents and files to be easily accessed, edited, created, and stored, with no need for constant back-and-forthing. 

Virtual meetings.

Virtual meetings have become the norm in 2020. Although these tools were used previously for long-distance meetings, they have become an integral part of remote work. Meeting tools such as Microsoft Teams have taken the stress out of leaving home and heading out for meetings. Instead, meetings can be hosted and attended online, saving a great deal of time and stress in the process. Teams offers many features that go beyond regular meeting platforms, integrating within the overall Microsoft 365 suite to make things even easier. 

Cloud solutions were designed to make life easier all round. The new year may bring changes in how people work but we have a feeling that working remotely is here to stay. To find out more about the premium remote working tools we offer as a Gold Microsoft Partner, contact iSSC.

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