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Ensuring Employee Device Data Security

Ensuring Employee Device Data Security

Data security is something every company should be concerned about – especially when employees use their own devices for company business. BYO or Bring-Your-Own devices refer to devices that belong to employees but are used to conduct any type of business. Company devices are becoming less common and many companies find it easier to allow employees to use their own phones and tablets instead. Some also allow employees to use their own laptops. While this is convenient for both company and employees, it poses a number of risks when it comes to data security.

BYO Devices and Data Security

To make sure that employee BYO devices can be used without the risk of data breaches or other threats, here are a few data security guidelines.

  • Compulsory passwords. Passwords should be used on every device to prevent any potential cyber threats. 


  • Monitor applications. Blacklist applications that could pose a risk, including social networking sites and non-secure file sharing sites.


  • Set data access controls. Access should be carefully controlled to prevent data being open to those who should not have access. This will reduce the risk of breaches and other threats and protect sensitive data.


  • Back up data. Hopefully, you are already using cloud storage such as OneDrive. Routine backups are essential to keep data secure in case there is a breach or other issue. 


  • Security protocols. It is important to have a security plan in place and ensure that all employees follow security protocols. 


  • Device security tools. The simplest and most effective way to ensure that all employee devices are protected to the fullest is to use Microsoft Intune. This tool has been designed to offer comprehensive security to all BYO devices. 

With a trusted cloud system in place, you will be able to protect your employee devices at all times. Contact iSSC to learn how our premium Microsoft solutions help to ensure data security.

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