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Cyber Threats Expected in 2021

Cyber Threats Expected In 2021

Cyber threats are certainly nothing new. Since the very earliest days of the internet, criminals have found ways to profit from cyberattacks. As technology has advanced, cyberattacks have evolved. While many businesses have some understanding of better-known threats, such as malware and viruses, new threats are emerging all the time. Protecting your business against the latest cyber threats is essential to avoid the risks posed by cyberattacks.

Watch Out for These Cyber Threats

Two of the latest cyber threats that we are likely to see in the year ahead include the following:


Ransomware is not exactly a new threat. It is, however, one that is growing rapidly. These threats typically involve shutdowns of entire systems, with cryptocurrency ransoms demanded to regain access. The healthcare has been greatly affected by these attacks but they can affect any industry and any type of business. Ransomware has also evolved to include data theft, posing even more of a problem, even if systems are able to be taken back. 

Zero-Day attacks.

Zero-Day attacks happen when hackers are able to exploit any problem within a network, app, computer or network before a fix is found. When vulnerabilities are unfixed, they can be exploited. The risk of these attacks has made it clear that developers need to be extremely vigilant and proactive, and use tools that make it harder for systems to be breached at any point of vulnerability. Cloud-based development tools such as Microsoft Azure and SharePoint can greatly help to prevent this type of attack.  

Cloud attacks. 

A trusted cloud solution such as Microsoft 365 is the best way to protect your business against this type of threat. The rise of remote work has led to many companies moving to the cloud. When using untested or poor quality free cloud tools, your systems are often not fully secure against attacks. It is essential to use tools that have stringent security protocols in place. 

One of the most trusted, secure cloud platforms is Microsoft 365. With a wide range of features and state-of-the-art security, this platform will protect your business against cyber threats.

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