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Real-Time Document Collaboration Must-Knows

Real-Time Document Collaboration Must-Knows

Real-time document collaboration has revolutionised the way that we work. Not too long ago, trying to collaborate on documents was an extremely time-consuming, often frustrating process. Multiple versions, renamed with every edit, tracked changes that added endless confusion, and lots of sending back and forth wasted a lot of time and effort. Thanks to tools like Microsoft 365, documents have moved to the cloud. This has made it possible to quickly create, edit and access documents, for far easier document collaboration. 

Document Collaboration Tips

There are a few ways that you can get the most from document collaboration if you are using the cloud version of Microsoft Word. Here are a few useful tips to get you started. 

Share files securely.

Although files can still be sent by email, it is far simpler and safer to use OneDrive to store, manage and access your documents on the cloud. There are a few reasons for this, including security and the fact that larger documents are easier to share on the cloud than they are to email. You can also make sharing even easier by integrating OneDrive and Teams to keep all members of your project updated.

Use Word editing features.

Microsoft Word has a lot of tools that go far beyond track changes and comments. Useful tools to utilise include Researcher, which allows you to find and add sources, quotes and other items on your topic, Smart Lookup, which shows definitions and images for highlighted text, and Suggestions, which gives you tips on grammar and writing, and comments.

Control document access.

For security purposes, it is essential to set access control on your documents. If, for example, your CFO is working on a document that contains highly sensitive information, it may be shared with legal teams or other members of your C-suite only. When documents are not labels and access is not controlled, you will run the risk of lost privacy. 

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