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How Microsoft Intune Helps Your Business

How Microsoft Intune Helps Your Business

Microsoft Intune is a tool that allows you to streamline your workplace management and make it easier for your team to safely use Microsoft Office 365 across various apps and devices. This tool is available through Microsoft. It increases productivity for your employees and creates a more secure environment for all devices, including personal and company phones and tablets. It works across multiple operating systems, from Windows to Android and Apple. How does Microsoft Intune help your business? Let’s take a look.

Biggest Benefits of Microsoft Intune

There are a number of benefits offered by Microsoft Intune, from easy integration to security. Some of the biggest advantages include the following: 

Full integration with Windows 10.

Intune offers full integration with Windows 10, with device and app lifespan management and user provisioning. It integrates with Endpoint Configuration Manager as well, giving you smarter cloud-based management that modernises your desktop and provides full control. This helps to give you a lower cost of ownership while simplifying your management capabilities significantly. 

Compatible with employee devices.

One of the biggest cybersecurity risks is ‘BYO’ or bring-your-own devices. In most cases, IT teams are expected to manage each device separately to make sure that it is secure and not at risk of viruses or other issues. A major benefit of Intune is that it offers automatic enrollment. With Azure AD, admins can easily add employees who bring their own devices to work. Bulk enrollment can also be done. This saves your IT teams time and effort while ensuring that employee devices are secure at all times.

Complete information protection.

Intune also improves the Microsoft Office 365 experience for your employees, offering more productivity and a collaborative work environment. Granular data controls are provided within MS Office 365 mobile apps. Conditional access can be governed across Teams, SharePoint and Exchange. Work and personal data can be separate for BYO users so that data security is ensured according to corporate identities. 

iSSC offers a full range of solutions that are designed to help your team work smarter and safer. Get in touch with us now to find out more about how Microsoft Intune and other Microsoft Office 365 tools help your business.

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