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3 Data Security Questions to Ask Your Cloud Solutions Partner

3 Data Security Questions To Ask Your Cloud Solutions Partner

With final POPIA deadlines fast approaching, data security is something that your potential cloud solutions partner needs to be taking very seriously. Not all cloud providers are created equal and not all cloud platforms are created equal, either. Data security is too important to be treated as an after-thought. If your potential cloud partner is not able to ensure that they are choosing accredited platforms that ensure full compliance with acts such as POPI and GDPR, you may end up paying the price – not only in massive fines but in reputation, too. 

Data is the lifeblood of every business. With the cloud playing a bigger role in data storage and management every day, data security is vital. The effects of data breaches, privacy violations and other issues affect your customers as well as your company. When there are no security protocols in place and you are using cloud storage platforms that do not conform to international standards and regulations, you are taking a very huge risk that could destroy your business. 

That is where it becomes so important to choose your cloud solutions partner extremely carefully. You are essentially trusting them to keep your data – and your customers’ data – secure and that means that they need to be able to give you complete peace of mind.

Data Security Questions to Ask Your Cloud Solutions Partner

Here are some of the most important questions to ask your cloud solutions provider, to see how seriously they are taking data security. 

What data privacy and control protocols are in place? 

Your provider should use consumer data responsibly, giving consumers choice on how their data will be used across every online transaction. One of the many reasons that we choose Microsoft cloud products is that they are extremely transparent about privacy and data control. Their products are designed to ensure total privacy, with every tool from Microsoft 365 to Azure, Teams, and other solutions giving you and your customers full control over data settings. Data can also be stored locally, adding even more control. 

Who can access data?

A big benefit of Microsoft’s cloud-based tools is its access controls. Stringent procedures are in place to prevent unauthorised data access, with access controlled and set by selected owners and admins. On a broader scale, most products have been automated, with minimal human interaction needed. This means that Microsoft has very little access to data. There are no hidden access points such as back doors and no government access, either. 

Choosing an experienced, fully accredited provider is the best way to be 100% sure that your data security never has to be compromised. iSSC is a certified Gold Microsoft Partner, with a range of cloud-based tools that help you move safely to the cloud. Contact us today to find out more about our cloud solutions.

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