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Microsoft 365 for Solopreneurs

Microsoft 365 For Solopreneurs

If you think that Microsoft 365 is only useful for larger businesses, think again. Many solopreneurs and freelancers are turning to the full version of Microsoft. Although MS Home offers some features, it is seldom enough to give you any major benefits for your daily workload. The limitations can set you back and lead to frustrations when you cannot get the most from your tools. Another major issue with Home version vs Business version is that there are licensing issues. If you are using Home for your business, you may find yourself in violation of licensing requirements. This is something you cannot afford – especially as a solopreneur.

Investing in cloud-based tools such as Microsoft 365 will help you take your business to a whole new level, with all the apps you need to work with partners across the globe. 

How Solopreneurs Benefit from Microsoft 365

Some of the biggest benefits that Microsoft 365 offers to solopreneurs and professional freelancers include the following:

Remote work. 

Remote work is not just for corporates. It is also ideal for those who prefer the digital nomad lifestyle. With a cloud-based solution in place, you are not limited by a physical office. You can work pretty much anywhere in the world, with no need for office space, physical servers and other equipment. This gives you a great deal of freedom. It also helps you save a great deal on costs in the long-term, making these tools an excellent investment in your business.

Cloud storage. 

With no physical servers, you can instead reap the benefit of cloud storage. Tools such as OneDrive make it easier to securely manage your data in a way that is organised and easy to access. You will be able to access your files from any location and from any device, allowing you to work on the go, from coffee shops, shared workspaces or temporary office space. 

Project collaboration. 

For freelancers and solopreneurs, collaboration is everything. You likely work with various people for any given project. You may work for agencies. You may partner with specialists in related fields on projects. You may need to outsource help on a short-term basis. Whatever the case, tools like Microsoft Teams help you collaborate on projects with teams from any location in the world. Features such as chat, video and call make it easier to manage projects while integration within OneDrive further ensures that files are managed securely and properly.

Here at iSSC, as a Gold Microsoft Partner, we are passionate about working with small and medium businesses wanting to make their move to the cloud. We offer a wide range of cloud solutions. Get in touch and let us know how we can help you get started with Microsoft 365.

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