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3 Ways Cloud Solutions Increase Productivity

Cloud Solutions Increase Productivity

There is no doubt that cloud solutions such as Microsoft 365 offer numerous benefits to businesses of all sizes. One of these benefits is increased productivity. With more companies turning to a remote work model, it has become extremely important to boost productivity in a transparent way to ensure that deadlines are met. Increased productivity is important on many levels. From an obvious point, productivity equates to increased efficiency, reduced delays and overall better performances and results. The lesser-known benefit of productivity is employee happiness. This may sound surprising. When employees have tools in place that allow them to work smarter instead of harder, there is a far higher chance of satisfaction. Time wasted on things like hunting for files, getting crossed wires from endless emails relating to various projects and other distractions can make it harder to work. 

With this in mind, cloud solutions offer many benefits that help your teams work more effectively, boosting productivity in the process. Keep reading to find out more.

How Cloud Solutions Boost Productivity

Some of the biggest ways that cloud solutions can help to increase productivity in your company include the following:

1. They allow teams to work remotely.

Remote work is not going anyway anytime soon. If anything, lockdown and COVID have taught us that remote work can be a far more sustainable model than traditional on-premise work. With the right tools, employees, managers and other team members do not have to be based in the same office or even the same country. Microsoft Teams is a great example of how remote work is simpler on the cloud. This tool helps you manage projects from any location and from any device. Teams can communicate via video, call and chats, with channels for each project.

2. They enable real-time collaboration.

Collaborating in real-time is essential for productivity. Before the advent of Microsoft 365’s cloud-based apps, desktop apps were the default choice. This made it very difficult to collaborate when multiple people needed to work on one document. The result was multiple versions, each with track changes and comments that added more confusion for everyone. Cloud-based files can be updated and edited in real-time, making it far easier for everyone to be on the same page. It also prevents wasted time spent on finding the most recent version and making changes that then needed to be emailed, reviewed and sent back and forth.

3. They increase organisation.

Then we have organisation. As we touched on above, the old way of managing files involved numerous versions, just as many folders, complicated filing systems – often based on servers. Trying to find and access files and folders was extremely frustrating and time-consuming. Thanks to cloud-based tools such as OneDrive, files can be managed remotely online, saving your team a great amount of time and effort. 

If you’d like to see how much benefit tools such as Microsoft 365 have to offer in terms of productivity and many other advantages, get in touch with iSSC today. We are a certified Gold Microsoft Partner with extensive experience in cloud solutions for businesses.

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