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Why Choose an Accredited Microsoft Partner?

Why Choose An Accredited Microsoft Partner

As an accredited Microsoft partner, iSSC is committed to providing not only the very best level of service but also the highest level of innovation and expertise. The Microsoft accreditation process is designed to help providers and their customers, providing access to the full range of Microsoft products along with many other benefits. The partnership programme consists of two levels: Silver and Gold. With rigorous, extensive testing across all areas of Microsoft’s technologies, partners achieving Gold status are regularly audited to ensure that they maintain their high level of service and expertise. 

As a customer, what you can expect when choosing an accredited Microsoft partner? 

Benefits of Choosing an Accredited Microsoft Partner

Non-accredited providers include any provider that offers cloud-based solutions. As there is no regulation or certification involved, it is very difficult to know that a non-accredited provider is able to provide you with the level of service you need. An accredited partner, on the other hand, is fully backed by internationally-acclaimed quality standards, meaning that they are industry leaders and innovators. Advantages of working with an accredited partner include:


Achieving certification is no small feat. In order to be certified, cloud providers need to go through a rigid testing process to be sure that they have a comprehensive understanding and skill within all areas of Microsoft and its various tools. Providers achieving Silver status are considered highly competent within the industry. Those who have achieved Gold status are considered the very best in what they do, giving you the benefit of a provider that is equipped to meet your needs and help you get the results you want.


The Microsoft partnership programme is also about accountability. Like any other certification, this seal of approval can only be gained from Microsoft. Those who have achieved Gold status are held accountable by Microsoft and regular auditing is done to be sure that their status is maintained. If there is a drop in standards, accreditation can be affected. 


Finally, another major advantage is the innovation factor. Staying ahead of technology is essential in today’s digital world. If your company is lagging behind, it can have a direct impact on your ability to grow. Microsoft has taken great leaps and strides when it comes to the cloud, with a wide range of technologies emerging on a regular basis. Partners have access to all of these tools, which are then accessible to customers. The result is new and improved ways to access and benefit from the cloud and all it has to offer. 

Looking for a partner that shares your vision for the future? iSSC is proud to be a Gold Microsoft Partner, with extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of the cloud. Contact us today today to learn more about working with the leading accredited Microsoft partner in South Africa.

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