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3 Reasons to Move to Microsoft Azure

3 Reasons To Move To Microsoft Azure

Thinking about making the move to Microsoft Azure? This tool offers a comprehensive cloud-based solution that allows you to build, manage, test and deploy applications through the cloud, running through data centres managed by Microsoft. Apps can be easily managed remotely or on-site, while current environments can be migrated by lifting and shifting to the cloud. 

Microsoft Azure offers a number of benefits to your business. Keep reading to find out what makes this tool a must-have.

Why Move to Microsoft Azure?

Some of the biggest advantages that make the move to Microsoft Azure an excellent investment include the following:

1. Flexibility

Azure is known for its flexibility. As it allows for integration within current environments, allowing apps and services to be managed remotely and on-site, there is a great deal of flexibility in how this tool can be used. Azure can be adapted to suit your needs, with plenty of tools that make cloud customisation simple. This means that your apps can grow as your needs change.

2. Scalability

Following on from this is scalability. When you have a flexible system in place, it becomes a lot easier to scale as your needs change. You may require additional resources for short-term growth spurts or increased growth that traditional hosting models would not be able to manage. A cloud-based system offers feature such as auto-scale according to load or schedule, as well as the ability to cluster app loading to prevent running off a single server, ensuring greater server capacity.

3. Affordability

Last, but not least, Azure offers an affordable system that uses a pay-as-you-go pricing system. This can be especially useful for small businesses, minimising the costs associated with upfront payments. The cloud itself is a cost-effective solution, reducing the need for on-site servers and related costs. 

iSSC is a fully accredited Gold Microsoft Partner with extensive experience in cloud-based systems. Contact us today to find out how to get started with Microsoft Azure.

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