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Microsoft Word vs Google Docs

Microsoft Word Vs Google Docs

Wondering how Microsoft Word compares to Google Docs? Whether you’re looking at tools for remote work or making a move to cloud-based documents, your choice will come down to these two platforms. If you are assuming that MS Word is the same desktop word processing tool you’ve been using since the 90s, think again. Today’s Word offers a cloud-based tool that allows you to create format-rich documents quickly and easily, with easy collaboration and plenty of other features. In this guide, we take a look at how Microsoft Word compares to Google Docs to help you get a better idea of which is best for your business.

Which is Best – Microsoft Word or Google Docs?

Just like any other cloud-based tool, the choice between Microsoft Word and Google Docs will come down to your specific requirements. To show you how they compare, here are some things to keep in mind.


Both of these tools are designed to create documents in the cloud. While Google Doc offers a range of basic formatting tools, Word offers a far bigger variety. Graphics and other elements can be easily added and arranged in Word, text styles can be customised easily, footnotes and citations can be added, tables are richer and more extensive, and a huge variety of formatting options are available. Docs is generally more limited, making it suitable for very basic documents but less so for more complex documents. 


Word and Docs are both cloud-based, meaning that they can be edited, accessed and shared in real-time from any device. Word offers a way to quickly import files, displaying more complex file formats used within other Microsoft Office apps. Although Google Docs can be published to website pages, Word still offers plenty of accessibility that makes it ideal for those making use of the full MS Office 365 suite. 


Google Docs is a free tool, with no investment required. Word is a paid solution, however, it’s extended features and ability to work with other MS tools make it a highly worthwhile investment. This is why it has become the gold standard for many companies who are seeking an integrated system that allows for increased productivity and collaboration. Used alongside Excel, OneDrive, Teams, OneNote, and various other Microsoft apps, the result is a user-friendly solution that can be used company-wide. 

Getting started with Microsoft Office 365 is easier than you think. Contact the iSSC team today and we will show you how much Microsoft Word and other applications help your business thrive.

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