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3 Reasons Companies Aren’t Using Cloud Storage

3 Reasons Companies Aren’t Using Cloud Storage

Despite the rapid rise of cloud storage tools such as OneDrive, a number of companies are not taking the plunge. There are several reasons for this, not least including a general lack of understanding into what the cloud is and how it can help manage data securely and effectively. While some businesses may have decided that traditional on-premise storage is a better option, others may be wanting to reconsider a move to the cloud. In this guide, we share some of the most common barriers to cloud storage adoption to show you how they can be overcome.

Corporate Barriers to Cloud Storage Adoption

The biggest barriers standing in the way of cloud storage adoption include the following:

1. Lack of understanding.

There is still a great deal of misconception surrounding the cloud. Many older companies who have been using servers and other tried-and-trusted systems have a limited understanding of cloud-based technology, assuming that only newer businesses can benefit. Seeing cloud solutions in action in the form of demos and free trials can be highly useful in order to see exactly how these solutions can help in a more specific way. With a better understanding of the cloud and greater insight into the many benefits it offers for security, accessibility, collaboration, and productivity will make it far easier to consider a move to cloud-based storage.

2. Concerns over migration. 

Another common challenge is concern over the migration itself. Moving to any new system can be frustrating and stressful. Making the move to a whole new way to store and manage data can be even more of a challenge. Working with a partner who is able to assist with the migration and having a comprehensive migration strategy in place is the best way to ensure that migration to new systems is as smooth as possible, avoiding common pitfalls and making sure that all goes to plan. 

3. Outdated systems.

Finally, another all-too-common barrier is outdated systems. Trying to integrate cloud-based systems within outdated systems will make it difficult to impossible to move forward. When very old systems are in place, a major change will be required to start from scratch rather than integrate new technologies within existing frameworks. To navigate this challenge, a rigid onboarding process will be needed to allow all teams to adapt to new systems. 

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