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Essential MS Office 365 Apps for Remote Work

With its full suite of tools designed for collaboration, MS Office 365 offers everything you need for remote work. This platform is ideal for companies with multiple locations across the world. It is also excellent for those operating remotely on a temporary or permanent basis. As lockdown continues, finding the right tools for collaboration has become vital. Even after lockdown comes to an end, more businesses are starting to consider ways to streamline their costs and processes, going remotely and seeking a new and improved way to work. 

MS Office 365 offers a selection of tools that make collaboration easier, giving you and your employees everything you need for stress-free remote work. Keep reading to find out which tools are most useful for working remotely. Essential MS Office 365 Apps for Remote Work

Best MS Office 365 Tools for Remote Work

While the entire MS Office 365 platform can be successfully used for both remote and on-site work, the following tools are particularly useful.


Microsoft Teams provides a comprehensive virtual communication tool that integrates video, call, chat, and collaboration. Group meetings for small, medium or larger groups offer a secure way to stay in contact, while chat and call features offer a fast and effective way to communicate. Word documents, Excel files and PowerPoint files can be easily accessed, shared and edited in real-time, during meetings, chats or calls. As a result, meetings and calls become far simpler, faster, and productive, with fewer distractions and disruptions.


Another useful tool is Microsoft OneDrive. This app allows files and folders to be accessed and shared securely from any location and any device. Folders and files can be accessed online and offline. Full encryption ensures that all files are protected, without the risk of files going missing. Used alongside Teams, this tool makes it easy for team members to find, add, share or edit documents instantly, wherever they are based.

Remote work does not have to cause disruptions in your workflow or confusion about who is meant to be doing what at any given time. With the right tools, all members of your team can easily stay updated and on track without loss to business continuity. If you would like to find out more about how Microsoft Office 365 can help you work remotely, contact us today.

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