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Why Cloud Solutions Are More Important Than Ever

Why Cloud Solutions Are More Important Than Ever

As lockdown continues, here in South Africa and abroad, there is no doubt that cloud solutions have become more important than ever before. Remote work is here, and it is very likely not going away any time soon. Global lockdowns and social distancing have changed the way that businesses of all sizes work. As we move closer to a remote working model, many businesses are putting more focus on cloud solutions that allow for greater accessibility than traditional on-site platforms.

If you are not already on the cloud or you have been looking at ways to improve your current cloud-based systems, now is the time to embrace the future of how we will work.

Using Cloud Solutions for Remote Work

Not all cloud solutions are created equally. In fact, choosing a limited solution or an ITaaS partner that offers a limited range of services and benefits can be just as time-wasting as not having any cloud system in place at all. In order to be truly effective for remote working across different cities or countries, you need a system that is able to provide the following at the very least:


The more important thing for any type of remote work is accessibility. Teams based in various areas outside of the office will need to be able to access files and folders instantly and easily. This means access from any device – desktop, notebook or mobile. Tools such as Azure and Microsoft Office 365 make it far easier to collaborate quickly and simply, while OneDrive and Microsoft Teams further help teams work together, no matter how far apart they may be distance-wise. Teams offers one of the most effective tools of all for businesses needing to connect and this tool is set to replace Skype for Business. Teams Voice offers a host of features from VoIP calls from client to client, group pick-up, shared line appearance, and many others. MS Teams and Microsoft 365 E1 are both offered for free for six months.


Security should be top of mind, regardless of any system you are using. For remote work, it is especially essential. Using unproven platforms or limited platforms that do not offer comprehensive security across every tool can be extremely risky. When you have teams working on one site, it is easier to manage security. When teams are working in various locations, you will need tools that offer full protection against any possible online threat.


Finally, you need to choose systems that give you and your team the ability to work productively and easily. The purpose of remote work is to flatten the curve and minimise the risk of contact. Although COVID-19 and lockdown will come to an end, there is a high chance that remote work will continue to be a viable solution for many companies. Making sure that your team has all the tools they need to do their best work will allow you to keep things going, throughout lockdown and after it ends.

Here at iSSC, we have worked hard to create the very best solutions to suit your needs. Our team is consistently ahead of the latest trends in technology. We have ample experience and expertise, giving you the benefit of world-class, forward-thinking services. 

For any company with 150 users or less, we will do project and implementation work at no cost during the lockdown. We are on the essential supplier list, which means that we can assist remotely or on-site.

Contact us today to find out more about working with the leading cloud services provider in South Africa and beyond.

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