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iSSC Joins the Microsoft Interns4Afrika Programme

ISSC Joins The Microsoft Interns4Afrika Programme

iSSC is happy to announce that we have been accepted to the Microsoft Interns4Afrika programme. This programme is designed to provide opportunities for newly graduated students interested in Africa’s growing tech space. Interns will have the chance to expand their training through placement in Microsoft partner companies.

Interns joining the Microsoft Interns4Afrika programme at iSSC will work on a range of projects, from marketing to sales and technology. They will be able to learn and work with the iSSC team and get Microsoft certified in the process, gaining a competitive edge in the tech field. 

About the Microsoft Interns4Afrika Programme

At iSSC, we are passionate about the rapidly evolving technology industry in South Africa and across the continent. As a Microsoft partner, we are excited to offer graduates the opportunity to share our passion for innovative cloud-based solutions. The Microsoft Interns4Afrika programme gives new graduates a way to compete in the workspace and pave their own way as budding tech entrepreneurs. It also seeks to identify and nurture rising talent. For the iSSC team, this programme helps us find talented graduates who offer fresh inspiration and ideas.

Some of the areas that the programme will be focusing on include the following:

  • Providing better employment opportunities for participating graduates in the field of technology.
  • Providing affordable, practical resources that benefit companies as well as interns.
  • Developing a wide pipeline of skilled, talented workers for Africa’s tech industry.
  • Bringing in new talent to the Microsoft partner ecosystem.
  • Proving scalable services to engage other businesses wanting to join the programme, creating a larger ecosystem that builds the programme even further.

This programme is suited to potential interns across South Africa who have recently graduated with an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in the last three years. Prospective interns need to commit to a full-time internship lasting six months. A BA or BSc in IT or a relevant business degree is also needed, along with a valid South African passport.

To find out more about the Microsoft Interns4Afrika programme at iSSC, contact us today.

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