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The Biggest Benefits of Microsoft Teams

The Biggest Benefits Of Microsoft Teams

If you are not already using Microsoft Teams, now is a good time to consider integrating this platform. This platform offers a full range of collaboration and communication tools ranging from chat to video meetings and file management. As a Microsoft product, it integrates with all the other applications offered within Microsoft Office 365

For businesses, Microsoft Teams provides a more effective way for teams to work, with a number of features that add value. Keep reading to find out how this platform can help your business. 

Why Consider Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams has many benefits to offer. Some of the biggest benefits include the following:

Streamlined communication. 

Businesses of all sizes can struggle to keep communication streamlined. With each person in the company using Outlook or other email platforms, it becomes a lot harder to set and enforce communication rules. Some employees may remember to copy important team members or managers, while others may not. There may be long email chains or emails within the same conversation being split when subject lines are changed. This makes it far harder for teams to stay on board with communication – internally and externally. MS Teams keeps communication simple and streamlined, through a central platform. It also ensures transparency at all times, so that there is no chance of important emails slipping under the radar.

Enhanced productivity.

When everyone is on the same page and communication is centralised, it becomes far easier for teams to work without wasting time on back and forth emails. Teams can access information that is needed from one location, with files and folders in a single place. Searches can be done to find information quickly and easily. Files can be uploaded easily. Meetings and chats can be done from the same platform rather than multiple platforms for each. This helps to save plenty of time and effort, increasing productivity in the process.

Real-time collaboration. 

Collaboration is often a challenge – especially on large projects involving large teams. When approval is needed at various stages, it is vital that every member of the team is updated. Documents need to be accessible to all relevant parties, with the most recent version available. Team leaders and project managers need to be able to review and approve various documents and be able to make changes on the spot. Team members need to be able to discuss projects easily and send supporting files that all members can access quickly and easily. MS Teams makes all of this possible through real-time collaboration. 

iSSC UK offers a wide range of solutions that help you simplify your business. Contact us to find out how to integrate Microsoft Office 365 with Microsoft Teams and experience the many benefits that this platform has to offer.

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