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3 Reasons to Use OneDrive for Business

3 Reasons To Use OneDrive For Business

One of the most useful tools offered within the Office 365 platform is OneDrive for Business. This cloud-based solution enables businesses of all sizes to access and manage data from any device and any location in the world. With a wide range of features, from document sharing to local file synchronisation, this storage solution is a highly effective way to store data on the cloud.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest advantages offered by OneDrive for Business to see how it can help you maximise your efficiency.

Why Invest in OneDrive for Business?

The top reasons to consider investing in OneDrive for Business include the following:

1. Accessibility

Unlike traditional servers, OneDrive uses remote servers. This means that data can be accessed from any device in any location. If your team includes a number of remote workers, this benefit will be especially useful. Even for in-house departments and teams, being able to access files and documents easily and quickly helps to avoid confusion while ensuring that data is managed cohesively and effectively.

2. Collaboration

The accessibility of this cloud-based storage solution also makes collaboration far simpler. Documents can be edited in real-time, with changes easily added and reviewed. Version history enables edits to be tracked without confusion and teams can be added or removed according to permissions. This makes it possible to work across large projects in a seamless, unified way, no matter how small or large teams might be.

3. Security

Yet another major benefit of cloud-based data management is added security. OneDrive utilises a range of security features, including encryption at disk and file level, network admin, and tight control over external file sharing and non-domain join devices. This ensures greater peace of mind, knowing that your data is secure at all times.

Ready to see the benefits of this platform for yourself? Speak to the iSSC team and we’ll show you how you can revolutionise your operations with Office 365 and OneDrive for Business.

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