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Office 365 Deployment Mistakes to Avoid

Office 365 Deployment Mistakes To Avoid

Office 365 deployment can be a challenging process, regardless of the size of your company. Moving to a cloud-based platform certainly offers a huge range of benefits, but before you can start enjoying these benefits, the first step is to make your move over to the cloud in a way that streamlines the process as much as possible.

Knowing what not to do can greatly help you plan for your Office 365 deployment, helping you avoid some of the mistakes that can get in the way.

Avoid These Office 365 Deployment Mistakes

To ensure that your Office 365 deployment goes as smoothly as possible, here are some of the things to avoid.

Not doing a content audit

A common mistake made when migrating to the cloud is trying to rush the data transfer by transferring every single bit of data, no matter how small or outdated it may be. This can make it harder to access data and organised data. To make sure that your environment is migrated properly, it is worthwhile doing a content audit. This will help you determine which data should be removed and also determined which permissions and policies need to be updated. A content audit can even be used to make a requirement inventory that helps you manage your environment before migrating.

Not involving your teams

Another big mistake is assuming that your IT department will handle everything. Your team is the end-user in this scenario. As such, it is vital that they are involved as early as possible. Deploying Office 365 organisation-wide and expecting employees to start using it right away will result in a number of problems. Instead of taking this risk, begin training well in advance so that all teams have a full understanding of the platform and what it can do.

Not planning for the cloud

Finally, it is worth noting that a move to Office 365 makes little sense if you are not committing to the cloud. The benefits of the cloud will only truly be enjoyed when you have fully integrated your processes. This platform is designed to optimise your entire business environment across all channels.

The best way to optimise your migration and get the most from your platform is to get help from an expert in Office 365 deployment who will be able to help you make the transition as smoothly as possible.

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